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About Us

Well, hi!

I’m so excited to open the virtual doors to my little skin care business!

My name is Daisha and I’m a Wellness Mentor. That means I teach others how to heal their body by using my own experience and wisdom.

Part of my journey has been changing what I put on my skin. See, so many commercial products are filled with chemicals that interfere with hormones and get stored away as fat on the body. Yuck!

I have used all my own products before I pass them on to you… except for the beard care set… uh, well…I don’t have a beard! But, I have used the Stache Wax to style my hair. lol! I do have sons that have used my products though, and they had positive remarks for me.

I have spent the last many years looking for the best that Mother Earth provides and I use it to help people heal. Changing your skin care is the easy part.

I have to say, my products are totally magickal! Completely natural, toxin free, cruelty free, organically made, and absolutely effective. I get great results with consistent use.

Please know that I take a lot of pride in creating a very positive experience for you. I will do everything in my power to get your items made with lots of love and care and ship them in a timely manner.

I do not do refunds if I have done my part, creating and shipping your items. If I cannot fulfill my end if the deal, I’m happy to refund you. For shipping related issues beyond my control, please contact the shipping venue and open a ticket or claim with them. Once it leaves my hands, I have no control anymore.

I do include shipping into the cost of a product. You might see my prices fluctuate and this is because they will change based on my cost of goods. Currently, I’m finding costs are rising. So, if you like something, grab it before the price changes!! I try my very best to keep my prices as low as I can because I want all people to change their hygiene products to better ones for their body!

Because I’ve grown so quickly, I have created working hours so I have some balance and I’m adding some hands to help me provide you with excellent service! I will be in my shop from 10a-4:30p Monday through Friday, MST. If you place your order before 3pm, it will ship out the following business day. Anything placed after 3pm MST will be processed and sent the next business day. There are certain products that require a resting time, such as mouthwash and facial cleanser. Those will ship when it is safe for that product to go out, within that 2 business day window.

Every Saturday, I have a space at our local Farmer’s Market and I make small batches of products weekly to go in my little shop there. I may pull from those products so your order can go out faster.

My desire is that you absolutely love what I send you. If something isn’t right, please open dialogue with me so we can resolve it together. I value your feedback so I can grow and be better! If you feel your experience is not worthy of a fabulous review, I want to know that. This little Apothecary is my livelihood, my greatest dream. Your thoughts and word of mouth all help me immensely!

Thanks for being part of my little shop! I can’t wait to see what you love!

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